Parent Comments: Parent feels this IEP is useless. She say this because the IEP is put together by a different person every year, many are new teachers just out of college with no experience nor understanding of vision impairment. His vision teachers who come to the school periodically have changed often and there is no consistency nor expertise in the field to guide parents or staff through the IEP process. Once the IEP has been completed, many teachers do not follow it's guidelines like providing him handouts that are 18 font, he's lucky to get 14 font. Not all of his teachers have ignored it, but many do... Student has to consistently ask for forms, quizzes, tests, handouts, etc to be blown up and parent finally has just done it at home out of frustration. Even with the standardized tests, parent has had to contact college board because the school representatives dropped the ball and had not ordered his in large print. Student has been in the same district his whole scholastic career, yet he has to fight for simple things to make life a little easier. The latest fight is to get extra time for standardized testing such as the SAT since it takes longer to read Large Print. Extra time, should have been included in his IEP from years ago.