Parent wishes the following would be done that isn't ....

1. He needs more Braille instruction weekly to be dual learner of both print and braille. Oh, the reason for Braille is once he's in high school and college, his print reading will be slower probably due to so much to read. I want him to stay competitive in his future. I want him to know he has all the skills he needs to be as successful as he can be.

2. He needs "social therapy" that they say they don't do.

3. He would benefit from a CCTV and another type of magnifier that is suitable for a child his age that isn't just a "dome" to see whole pages. For our state, they said he wouldn't get one until he graduates high school for entering college, per the low vision specialist. The Blind School staff stated a CCTV would slow him down in school. I've not been successful getting this there.

4. He takes his cane on field trips even though it isn't listed.